The BrandTetraeder®

Effectively communicating concepts in the healthcare sector require the perfect symbiosis of strategy, science and requisite creative implementation. Drawing on our extensive practical experience from diverse marketing fields to attain this goal, we pooled our expertise in an analysis tool: the BrandTetraeder®.

The BrandTetraeder® is inextricably linked to Dr. Hoffmann SIGNIS . It ensures efficient communication through its clear and simple system.

The BrandTetraeder® symbolises the brand as a three-dimensional body, which can only sustainably function in its sum, thereby meeting the needs of the market.


Product/market information

In sum, all informations from product design and market research form the basis to create an authentic and strong brand.



A signature is as distinctive as a person's character – and thus, each product needs a signature to become a brand. Rational and emotional parameters, finely tuned, define the right positioning in the market and are the basis for a convincing brand strategy that ensures market success.


Differentiation and relevance

Who has something to say is convincing. For a product to be convincing, it needs to be established as a brand. Product analysis and positioning are used to pinpoint the relevant themes differentiating at market level.



Starting with the distinctive signature and subtle significance, we develop precise and succint signals, conforming to the visual and conceptual-contextual strategy: tailored to the target group appropriately and designed to form an identity.

This results in distinctive, efficient campaigns that we call »Creativity with Control«.



Brand communication must be launched. The right marketing mix and relevant use of all communication channels are part of the process in establishing brand quality, which we call the » Brand Dimension « symbolised by a three-dimensional communication tool: the BrandTetraeder®.